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GWFX Global is an international online trading platform of Goldenway Group. Since its establishment in 2009, GWFX Global has been one of the outstanding trading service providers in the Forex market and got more than 80% good reviews from its loyal clients.

Customer review

  • AnnabelFrom Canada

    This platform is easy to handle and I’ve earned 500 dollars by just following my friend’s suggestions.

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  • Erick From Indonesia

    The CS team is great! And the platform has been well regulated, I trust GWFX!

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    To be honest, the GWFX Global platform is really easy to handle and the withdrawal is fast. What’s more, international traders are more accustomed to it.

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Promotion Policy

Promotion Period:

Today Only

Trading Time:

(GMT+0) Bonus is credited to accounts within 60 days

Target Customers:

Type of Customers: New customers and customers with non-activated accounts

Trading Platform: GWFX Global


  • During the promotion period, customers first deposit $100 could get $80 bonus; first deposit $200 could get $200; first deposit $500 or more could get $300.

    First Deposit$100$200>=$500


    Lots13 lots26 lots39 lots

Bonus Policy:

  • After you deposit funds, bonus will be credited to trading accounts. You can trade with the bonus once it is credited.

  • Accumulation of trading lots: within 60 days after the bonus is credited to accounts (GMT+0).
    For example: You deposit funds to the account at 21:00:00, 20th, November, 2018(GMT+0), then trading lots would be accumulated from 21:00:00, 20th, November, 2018 to 20:59:59, 20th, January, 2019.

  • After the valid trading time ends, you can withdraw the bonus after finishing enough lots.

  • After the valid trading time ends, bonus is deducted from account balance if you have not finished enough lots.

  • The customer shall ensure there is sufficient fund in the account if not receiving any bonus.


  • During the promotion period, each customer(ID) shall get bonus only once. Bonuses of other promotions shall be in accordance with their own policies.

  • Regarding promotions shall only for trading accounts on Clients on GWFX Global shall be subject to terms and conditions, please contact your agent for more detailed information.

  • Definition of lots: During the effective trading time, total lots of all products on GWFX Global are calculated by every closed position. For example, if you open one lot and close one lot, this can be counted as a closed position.

  • The bonus will be likely to offset insufficient funds, make up the margin or any balance due. During the promotion period, GWFX Global is entitled to end trading or disqualify customers from entering the promotion if one is found to trade against the platform policy.

  • GWFX Global reserves the right to revise or update regarding the policy.

  • GWFX Global is not responsible for any communicative or technical problems, breakdowns, accidents or any reason regarding computers and network, that result in delayed data, data missing, data errors, or unrecognizable data. Above activity records are subject to the system data.

  • All employees of Goldenway Global Investments limited and its subsidiaries are forbidden to enter any promotions.

  • GWFX Global holds the final explanation right of this policy and rights of revising or ending the promotion without prior notice.